Day 5 – Whole 30

Yesterday, I said I can eat at Subway…but I didn’t think about what kind of oil they have. So, that’s probably still a no-go unless I bring my own dressing. Not sure I’m interested in doing that. I’ll just eat at home. So, maybe that meal I cheated, and I’m supposed to start again. I checked the website, and it says Olive Oil Blend, so I can’t tell exactly if I cheated or not. Nevertheless, I’m charging forward.

I slept so well last night. This is an important sentence. For years, I have not slept well – or much. Last night, I went to bed after 1:00 a.m. and slept soundly until Eleanor Rigby let me know she needed to go outside at 7:30. I fed the dogs and let them play outside, crawled back in bed AND SLEPT FOR TWO MORE HOURS. I also felt like I could have napped when I got home from work today at 6:00. I laid down to rest, but Eleanor Rigby very much wanted to play tug…so I didn’t get a nap. But, I did have this kind of fun meal:

I have always stayed up late. It’s my body clock. But the last few weeks, I’ve stay awake waiting for my daughter to get home from her first job. Her store closes at 11:00, so by the time they finish cleaning up and locking doors, she doesn’t get home until after 11:30. I like her a lot, and I want to hear how work went…and if she needs a snack, I like to be there doing that with/for her. So, lately nights are later than usual, but I like them. However, for a girl who struggles with sleep, a later bed time is not great.

Physically, Day 5 was fine. I’m not having cravings, I’m drinking lots of water. I have noticed these things (though I’m not positive some of them are not psychosomatic):

  • My skin feels softer. I haven’t changed any of my facial products, so if my skin is better, it’s because of eliminating junk from my diet.
  • Ready for some honesty, here? I assume if you are reading this blog about Whole 30 that you are wondering what it’s like…well, Day 5 was pretty gassy. Glad I was the only one in the office kind of gassy.
  • My arthritic fingers feel more flexible. I’m not sure about this one. The finger that gives me the most trouble is still quite sore, and bending it is not my favorite – but I can bend it into a fist. Actually, I can bend it into an “e” in sign language, and I just couldn’t do that last week. So, the pain is still there, but some flexibility is definitely improved. Keeping my eye on this one.
  • First headache today. Not a debilitating one. Just a headache while working at my desk for hours (go figure).
  • I slept soundly – for many hours in a row.

Tomorrow night, I’m hosting a dinner at my house for my confirmation students and their parents (about 15 people). We are having kid-friendly food, so mac-n-cheese and chicken strips with ketchup and ranch to dip them in, dinner rolls with butter…and a fruit salad and a green salad. And one mom is bringing dessert! So, this will be tricky. I’ll check in here again tomorrow evening to report on it.

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