Day 13 – Whole 30

20 years ago, I read a book called the Frugal Zealot in which the author described ways to save money. She had tips about cost-per-ounce of things you could buy or make, and she talked about options for cheap cleaning supplies. When she was being interviewed for a TV show, they asked her to show the ways she saves the most money.  She said something like, “You could set up your cameras at a fast food restaurant and watch us drive past. You could record us going to a movie at a dollar theater – and walking past the concession stand.” Basically, it’s the things we don’t do that save us the most.  In the vein…

Things I Didn’t Do Today:

I didn’t eat the donuts the youth were selling at the yard sale.

I didn’t eat the popcorn the youth were selling at the yard sale.

I didn’t eat the dressing offered at the salad bar at Jason’s Deli.

I didn’t have the free ice cream cones at Jason’s Deli.

I didn’t taste-test the offerings at Costco.

I didn’t push my cart down any of the aisles of packaged foods at Costco.

I didn’t get a Pepsi on my way out of Costco (like I ALWAYS do).

I didn’t get a soda at Target when I shopped.

Things I Did Today:

I did eat a good breakfast.

I did make sure I had a pack of cashews with me for mid-morning at the church yard sale.

I did accept an invitation to lunch with my dear friend, Ann.

I did get the salad bar and made a fantastic salad…because…

I did bring my own dressing and crumbled bacon.

I did drive an hour round trip without snacking in my car (rare!).

I did have an hour nap this afternoon (also rare).

I did finish some yard work outside.

I did eat a salmon and avocado dinner.

I am enjoying a fantastic cup of tea (with the creamer everyone is gaga for – Nutpods. They are right. Nutpods are worth every penny – and it’s kind of a lot of pennies.)

Last night, I made some crustless quiches for us to just heat up in the morning. I made one with spicy sausage, onion, and cilantro. I made the other with onion and bacon. It was really nice to have them ready for breakfast – and Sage had some for dinner. When these are gone, I’ll definitely make more.


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