Day 16 – Whole 30

This is a picture of what happens when you order a salad without greens or dressing at Bad Daddy’s Burgers. The waitress was super helpful and patient today. Daniel still just giggled.

At Bad Daddy’s, you get to choose 7 toppings for your salad greens. I had eaten a late breakfast, so I wasn’t really in the mood for a giant salad with chicken or whatever on it. Daniel said he would eat the greens and dressing as a side salad, so the lovely waitress put in an order that my 7 items would be in separate ramekins! It was a lovely plate to nibble on while we chatted and Daniel ate his burger.

Speaking of Daniel’s burger: when he said he wanted a gluten free bun, she asked, “Do you want a gluten free burger, too?” And then Daniel just looked at her and said, “Yes.” like that was a reasonable question to ask! WHO KNEW THAT YOU HAD TO BE SURE THAT YOUR BURGER IS ALSO GLUTEN FREE!?!?! I guess there is some flour or something in the season mix they put on the burger when they cook it! Unreal. I thought it was just sugar that was hiding in every last thing we eat. But, gluten is sneaky, too.

Today’s blog post is short. I said I was going to try some different lengths, but so far my lengths seem to be long and longer. And tonight, it’s very late because I just finished writing a note to every kid in my congregation aged 4 to 19. Granted, we are a small congregation, but that was still 19 cards! I have been bursting with pride and gratitude since they led worship so beautifully on Sunday, and I know they are all heading into the home stretch of the school year, and the weather is turning warm, and it’s good to get some encouragement to continue
strong…and to hear that your pastor notices the things you do and really likes being your pastor. I’ll address and stamp them tomorrow, and then they’ll get real mail in the mailbox!

Bottom line for Day 16: Slept soundly last night. Noticed my hips seem smaller (maybe?). The pimples that form on my face don’t seem to become angry and irritated; maybe they are healing faster? Made salt and vinegar cashews in the oven…which made the house smell like my grandmother’s pickled feet when she asked me to take off her stockings. Seriously, the dogs were walking around exhaling through their noses because of the vinegar in the air. But, those cashews were very tasty!

Now it’s time to see if I can repeat a good night’s sleep.

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