Day 17 – Whole 30

3 hits and a miss. That’s what I have for you today.

This morning, I went out to pick up dog poop and dog toys, so my yard guy could come and do the lawn maintenance. While out there doing icky labor, I saw that my strawberry plant is happily making gorgeous berries for me. Thanks, Strawberry Plant!

This breakfast is my favorite so far, and this is the way I pack it when I take it to the office with me (because I’m just not hungry before 9:00 many days). This morning, I had my giant mug of tea (with Nutpods Vanilla) and ate a handful of grapes. I took this divided container with cut up pieces of crustless quiche, avocado, and pico de gallo to the office and loved eating it at about 10:00.

A very simple lunch. Super tender crockpot chicken (with a little homemade seasoning salt), half an avocado, a cucumber, and about a half an apple. It felt clean to eat it, and it was delicious.


This nasty ol’ Larabar with kale in it. Now, I’m a fan of kale, actually. And many of these bars are not terrific, but they are sweet, and they satisfy some kind of need to rip open a bar-type-thing and put something sweet in my mouth. In theory, it should have been fine. I love pineapple, kale, and cashews. So, I ate a few bites of it before I really had to admit that I was hating every bite. I tossed the rest and reached for a package of cashews – every single one of which I adored.

SPEAKING OF CASHEWS: I made salt and vinegar cashews last night. They are really good, but they burned easily, so I had to toss some of them because the burnt taste was ruining the tastiness of the snack. I’ll make them again, but I’ll reduce the time – and watch them very carefully. Actually, I might just leave the salt out of the vinegar boil – and sprinkle salt on them afterward. I kind of like the feeling and taste of salt crystals on my fingers when I eat salted nuts.

Today, I learned about myself: I’m kind of sick of eating many of the same foods. I’m grateful I’ve found things that I like, that work, that aren’t too hard. They are all pretty simple, and I like simple food – but sometimes I like a taco with many layers (two of which simply must be cheddar cheese and sour cream!). Sometimes, I want a big square of lasagna…and not pretend lasagna made with zucchini instead of noodles and sausage, but no cheese. Ugh. I’d rather eat my little piles of Whole 30 compliant foods and be a little tired of them than eat foods that are trying to be something else.

Also, I still haven’t weighed myself, but I know I’ve lost weight. I’m wearing jeans that were very tight, which means I hardly ever chose to wear them – and today, they are loose-ish and comfortable. Also, two more people said something about my having lost weight. I just told them that I don’t actually know, but I have been cutting out sugar, so it’s possible.

And I’m still sleeping well.

And my arthritis is all but gone in my fingers.

So, I’m very motivated to continue…


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