Day 19 – Whole 30

Road trips on Whole 30 are …well, different.

47 and I loved road trips. 47 and I planned our snacks waaaay ahead. Make sure there are enough sweet snacks and enough salty snacks. A cooler of Pepsis, for

…and all within reach while I’m driving.

48 and I plan ahead, too. But, it’s not as fun; it’s not nearly as decadent. 48 and I have to peel oranges and wash tomatoes. We need plastic containers for everything because things like olives come in cans…not awesome reclose-able boxes like Chick’n in a Biscuit crackers do!

But 48 and I feel so lucky to be sleeping, and we just love the way our fingers bend in the mornings…and all day long. So, we packed our Whole 30 compliant snacks, hopped in the car, plugged our aux cord into our phone, pulled up the 20 TED Talks we had downloaded for the trip, and headed off. We snacked all day long, and felt no guilt. We even noticed that we didn’t have to stop to pee as often when we just eat good food and drink water. Maybe that’s because we sip water – but we gulp Pepsi.

It was a great day in the car. I was kind of worried about it, but it was honestly a great day.

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