Day 21 – Whole 30

I’m posting Day 21 on Day 22 because yesterday was a weird health day. I don’t really think it had anything to do with Whole 30 foods or habits – it was just an off day.

I was staying with friends, and I had a decent breakfast of eggs/sausage cups, watermelon, and my love-it-so-much tea at about 8:00. And I was preaching at their church that morning, so I had a snack between the 9:00 and 11:15 services. I had a Chomps beef stick and lots of water and a box of raisins. So, it wasn’t a huge snack, but it hadn’t been that long since I had eaten, either. But, I started getting the kaleidoscope vision that I get with migraines. It didn’t hurt, but I wasn’t really able to see my manuscript for preaching at the next service. So, my dear friend, Tim, went to Target to get some Excedrin for me. And when it was time for me to preach, my vision was clear, and all was well.

I had a Whole 30 compliant lunch of a chicken thigh, broccoli, and watermelon, and got on the road back home – about a 4 hour drive (with all my potty stops!).
But, I had to stop about halfway through the trip to have a nap! (I never do that.) I just parked at a gas station, locked my doors, reclined my seat, and fell immediately asleep for about 30 minutes. When I woke up, I felt great and drove the rest of the way home. Between Charlottesville, VA and High Point, NC, I didn’t stop for a fast food meal – as would be my normal habit. I ate an apple, a serving (or two!) of macadamia nuts, a couple of fruit leather snacks, and another Chomps beef stick…and I drank a lot of unsweetened tea. And it was only a 4 hour trip, so it didn’t make sense that when I got home, I felt dizzy and vertigo-ish. I didn’t feel well enough to stand around in the kitchen making a hearty meal, so I put together this snack plate from containers in the frig, sat on the sofa with my dogs-who-would-really-like-to-share-all-the-food-I-ever-have-on-a-plate, and watched the movie, Bridget Jones’ Baby.

I still didn’t feel great by 10:00, so I just went to bed without blogging. Then, I had one of my way-too-familiar night’s sleep where I can’t fall asleep until midnight, wake up at 4:00, lie there wishing I were asleep until 6:30, then fall asleep again (in the deepest, best kind of sleep I ever get) until 10:00. I really am so lucky to have an amazing office administrator who doesn’t mind when those days come, and I don’t get into the office until 11:00. But, I haven’t had one of those nights the WHOLE TIME I’ve been on WHOLE 30.

So, like I said, yesterday was a weird day for health.

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