Day 22 – Whole 30

This post might be long-ish because I did and noticed a few things today.

First, I slept very late after not having felt well or slept well yesterday. So, my meal times were wonky today. I didn’t get into the church office until 11:00, and by 1:00 or so, I was getting a pretty serious headache. No kaleidoscope vision, just pain like a regular headache, but odds are it’s connected to yesterday’s health. So, I ran to the grocery store to stock up for the week, since I hadn’t done that this weekend when I was away – and rushed home for some Excedrin, healthful food, lots of water, and some closing of my eyes (though I wasn’t able to sleep).

When my head felt mostly better, I putzed around in the kitchen for a while, chopping veggies and prepping things for this week.

I have an all day meeting to go to tomorrow, so I need a hearty lunch AND some munchies with me for when everyone else is heading over to the pastry table or reaching for the candy they have on our tables or whatever.

Here’s my work space with all the veggies and such I was working with.

And here’s my refrigerator today. I know it looks a lot like the picture I posted on a different week of Whole 30, but I’m showing you today’s picture because if you are here reading about Whole 30 and wondering what it takes…this is what it takes. Some significant preparation each weekend to make
the week work.



While the soup simmered and the dishwasher swished and hummed, I sat with my laptop on the sofa and answered work emails and made a list of things I need to accomplish this week.

But, I didn’t spend too much time on the laptop because my headache did not leave quickly or easily.

I noticed three things today that are directly related to Whole 30:

  1. The sweater I wore is usually very tight on my arms, but today it was loose.
  2. When I stood sideways in front of the mirror putting my sweater on, I noticed I have less back fat.
  3. And, seriously, I never ever have fingernails. But, today, I noticed that my nails are not breaking like they always do when they get any length at all. (And when I took a picture of them, I noticed that all the dishes I washed today made for dry hands in need of some attention.) So, healthful foods make for stronger fingernails, too, I guess.

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