Dairy Week – Whole 30

I had half-n-half in my tea this morning, but no sugar. It was no different than Nutpods creamer in my tea. Of course, Nutpods is way more expensive, so I will only choose it if dairy ends up being a health stealer.

I had a slice of cheddar cheese. Just by itself. Because cheese.

I had a FANTASTIC lunch at Chipotle. Since they don’t have additives in any of their foods, it’s a pretty good place to eat. I had a salad with chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese. The dairy in that bowl was so decadent, and the sour cream and pico made a great dressing. And since I just drank water, it was less than $7 for the healthful, delicious meal.

I stopped at the grocery store and got some sour cream, 2% milk, and some Chobani yogurt in tubes (like Gogurt). This morning, I read the Whole 30 email about Day 31. They said if you are choosing to reintroduce dairy, you will get some sugar in there with it – and that’s okay. But that feels confusing to me, so I’m not planning to do much of that. They said have yogurt in the morning, and a scoop of ice cream in the evening. So, I did buy some Greek yogurt, but Chobani has less sugar than most other yogurts, and I’ll just have a frozen tube of yogurt once a day this week. Also, the packaging is Wonder Woman’s logo, and I feel a lot like Wonder Woman lately, so…Day 31 dinner

But, before my yogurt treat, my dinner also included dairy. Leftover steak, fingerling potatoes, sour cream, and strawberries.

Thoughts on reintroducing dairy: It felt decadent to have creamy things. I have missed them, but I’m not craving them. If I had to live without dairy, it would be complicated, but I could totally do it. As far as my physical reaction to eating dairy today, I feel fine. Seriously, I’m not going write here every time I have a bit of gas – none of us need to share all that news with each other. But, I honestly feel well today eating dairy. My fingers feel the same. We’ll see how I sleep. And as I have said, I really think it will take a few days to see if my fingers feel swollen or my sleep is affected. I never did think I was lactose intolerant or had a dairy allergy, so I’m looking for more subtle reactions.

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