Was It Worth It?

It was worth it. Every dollar. Every minute. Every drop of sweat. Every late night. Every early morning. Every long line. Every ounce of sunscreen. It was all worth it. Before leaving for the ELCA National Youth Gathering, I wondered on my blog about the cost of it all. Is the $1,000+ for each personContinue reading “Was It Worth It?”

Is It Worth It?

It’s a whole lotta money. 9 people. 9 airplane tickets 4 hotel rooms 9 registration fees 27 meals a day It’s more than a thousand dollars per person to attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering – and the pre-Gathering conference called MYLE (Multi-cultural Youth Leadership Event). When I think of what that kind of moneyContinue reading “Is It Worth It?”

The Really New Revised Non-Standard Version of the Passion of our Lord

I’m a pastor. Every year, before we read the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and burial, I remind people that when we read “The Jews” in this story, we are not talking about your average Jewish person. We are talking about the religious leaders. The priests, the people in charge of the TempleContinue reading “The Really New Revised Non-Standard Version of the Passion of our Lord”

remembering the gentle way Love shows up

I am a pastor in the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). Most pastors in my tradition don’t choose the biblical text from which we will preach each week; we use a lectionary, a calendar of texts. Some use the Narrative Lectionary which has us reading through the story of God and God’s people…as aContinue reading “remembering the gentle way Love shows up”

Immeasurable and Surprising

Just over two years ago, my husband, who was drowning in a fresh bi-polar diagnosis after struggling through a bout with cancer, bought a gun and took his life. That’s a blunt way to start this post, but it matters. And in the last couple of years, I have learned that more words, softer words,Continue reading “Immeasurable and Surprising”