Raise them up in the way…

This is not a blog about Pastor Ben Krey’s generosity (though it is one of the marks of his character). It’s a blog about our parents. Yesterday, I drove to Durham to celebrate the rite of installation for the newly called pastor at Church of the Abiding Savior, Lutheran. Rev. Terrance Jacob is an answerContinue reading “Raise them up in the way…”

Falling for Julian: Installation Day

Making official what Spirit has already been doing among us. Some days are big, filled with more wonder and love than should fit in a day. Those days, I struggle with words. Somehow, when there are moments of wonder and love throughout the day, I am equipped with my plethora of words to spill someContinue reading “Falling for Julian: Installation Day”

Saying Yes to the Warmest of Welcomes

Last week, one of our students stopped by my office while he was on campus. This academic year has been a LOT, and we have learned many things about faith and community, about online learning and worship. But, it has also been plain old sad. We miss each other. So, when Yancy stopped in toContinue reading “Saying Yes to the Warmest of Welcomes”

Scattery-ness Needs More Time

Good Friday is a holiday where I work. I suppose that is true every year, but my first Good Friday working for Lenoir Rhyne University was about a month into the pandemic. Every last thing was weird, and I was distracted in ways I’ve never experienced, so I guess I didn’t really notice or rememberContinue reading “Scattery-ness Needs More Time”

It’s okay to talk about poop, especially if it keeps you alive.

We are currently working on normalizing things in our public lives. There are intentions to normalize mental health care; people are talking about their diagnoses, therapy, medications. We are normalizing talking about trauma (when it is safe to do so), rather than whispering about it, like it is something of which to be ashamed. BreastContinue reading “It’s okay to talk about poop, especially if it keeps you alive.”

ELCA/Portico Biometric Screening

We clergy folk are among the least healthy folk. (Don’t believe me? Here’s just one piece of journalism about it.) I’m a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and my church is doing what it can to help me be healthy. Our benefits services include a “Call to Live Well”, with anContinue reading “ELCA/Portico Biometric Screening”