I’d like to be healthy, but apparently, I’d like to drink Pepsi more.  This used to be kind of a cute little thing ~ I eat anything I like, then I scold myself daily in the mirror and especially on the days leading up to a doctor appointment.  I just turned 48, and stuff just got real.

I’ve sort of quit sleeping.

I’ve got some pretty painful arthritis coming on in quick and mean ways.

So, it seems there is actually nothing cute about ignoring your health and simply feeling guilty.  That’s so 47.  But 48 and I are being honest with each other.  This gift of a body is worthy of real nourishment and maybe a little movement.

It turns out 48 and I are doing Whole 30 (totally Google-able),20170418_085344 and we are pretty sure we are going to learn a lot about ourselves, so we’ve decided to blog a bit as a means of processing our lessons.

Basically, Whole 30 is a food experiment. You cut out dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, chemicals, and such for 30 days, and then you reintroduce them to your diet one at a time to see if any of them is a culprit in making you sick (or enflaming your arthritis or keeping you from sleep!).

This is my refrigerator today. It is going to take a lot of preparation to make this work.  No way to scurry around and eat fast food on the run when sugar, dairy, bread, and chemicals are not on the menu. I’ve chopped and mixed and boiled and stored loads of veggies and meats and soups and such, so maybe I’m ready for this.

My beloved daughter does not need to do this, but she is joining me on this journey because she knows I need her.  She also knows she’ll learn something about herself and food and health, and maybe she can learn some things earlier than 48 and I are learning them.

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