Omada – Week 4

Health is complicated. It would be lovely if there were a formula for health we could be taught and memorize and apply every day. But, every day is different. Every body is different. Every life has a different set of tools. Every life has a different set of challenges. And those tools and challenges areContinue reading “Omada – Week 4”

Ridiculous and Authentic

All my adult life, I have read articles about health, weight loss, exercise, changing your habits, and whatever else might apply to my health. Loads of those articles are written by people who have made significant changes in their lives, and nearly all of them started out pretty sure they would never be able toContinue reading “Ridiculous and Authentic”

Bouncing Around – Post Whole 30

It’s about a month since I finished Whole 30. I continue to learn a lot about my body, since I decided that my reintroduction process would be lengthy. Roughly, it has looked like this: 5 days of Whole 30 + Dairy: I didn’t have any health troubles with dairy. It didn’t affect my sleep, myContinue reading “Bouncing Around – Post Whole 30”