Day 14 – Whole 30

Two weeks! It feels really long. And having more than two weeks left also feels really long. And knowing the reintroducing period is after that – well, it just feels long.

BUT, I did some shopping this weekend and some cooking this evening, so I think I’m ready for the week.

I put a whole chicken in the crockpot, so I can have awesome, tender chicken for all kinds of things. Then, the skin and bones get roasted with some veggies – which get
simmered forever into a rich bone broth. And Sage loves to pour egg into the broth and make egg drop soup. I’m guessing that will be on the menu this week.

I cooked a pound of bacon because a few crumbles of bacon feels decadent on a meal that isn’t so decadent. And if I fry an egg in the morning, a slice of bacon on the side makes everything better. But, most of all, the crustless quiches I made last week were a hit with Sage. I cooked the bacon and the sausage crumbles, as well as sautéed the onions tonight, so I can literally dump things together for the quiches in a few days (because we still have some quiche left right now – and hardly any extra room in the frig to store any more if I made it tonight). I made a pico de gallo to go with eggs and chicken and avocado this week.

I also sautéed up some baked potatoes and sprinkled them with the seasoned salt I mixed…because even Lawry’s has sugar in it!

But, the best part of this evening’s mess-up-every-pan-knife-cutting-board-bowl-and-spoon extravaganza was the bacon wrapped asparagus with a balsamic reduction. Just. So. Good. Gonna have to tell my Gourmet Gal friends about this one!

Here’s a new thing my body did today: took a 15 minute nap and actually felt rested. I never take a nap that is shorter than 90 minutes because I just feel so lousy afterward if I don’t get at least 90 minutes of sleep, plus the falling asleep time. So, that means I just never take naps because who has 2 hours in the middle of a day!?

But, today after I drove the youth home after worship, did some grocery shopping, and put the groceries away when I got home – I was extremely tired, but I had a meeting in a neighboring town in a little while. With the alarm set on my phone for 15 minutes, I reclined on the sofa and fell truly asleep for 15 minutes. It was hard to wake up, but I did it…and I felt rested. Amazing. I have no idea if this has anything to do with my food intake. I just don’t know. But, I’m surely paying attention.

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